about us

Soshiyant Oil and Gas Development Co. has been registered in Tehran – Iran. The company has employed the most experienced ex-NIOC engineers to become the leading developer company in oil and gas industry in Iran .Soshiyant is exclusive representative of some foreign companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to our customers' needs. At Soshiyant we have no long chain of command. Resulting in respond to dynamic external environment as fast as possible by immediate decision-making, operational efficiency, and a guaranteed, safe internal environment.


The HSE & QA department in our company has a commitment to ensure that our operations are conducted in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner in compliance with the quality services being rendered. Our top priority is safety of our employees, customers, and to minimize the impact on the environment. We recognize that fulfilling our commitment to work safely and protect the environment significantly affects our ability to serve customers, meet client's safety expectations and gain additional business opportunities. Soshiyant's management is committed to provide the resources and manpower required to maintain a safety culture rooted in the belief that there are no accidents; that safety is a condition of employment; and that safety is a choice, not luck. The main objectives of the HSE & QA department are to satisfy the related shareholders in the following three areas: